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I have raised billions for companies. I am going to work with you 1-on-1 to deliver a business strategy, award winning pitch and investor experience like no other.

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IdeaPros® Advisors & Co-Founders are here to help you get the experience of a lifetime.

PitchCraft Live Workshop

The Perfect Pitch starts with an Emotional Connection with Investors. Join us for 2 hours with Fred Cary going over the most important ingredient to your pitch.

PitchCraft Intensive Course

Gain lifetime access to our NEW interactive online course that will take you step by step through building your pitch deck and master the art of pitching.

Free 30 Minute Consult

Get your business idea, pitch and assessment of next step planning with our IdeaPros Advisors. Book a Free 30 Minute consult to get on the right path with your idea or business.

What's in it for You...

"You may think you have your business strategy perfected. I can guarentee you it isn't. Let me show you what it takes to create winning strategies that investors love."

  • Develop a Business Strategy that gets Investors Excited with your idea and business.

  • Craft an Award Winning Pitch that addresses Investor Heart & Mind

  • Master The Art of Pitching with Fred Cary, CEO of IdeaPros®

  • Exclusive Events are monthly with Investors throughout the country.

Highlights from May 2024 Palo Alto Exclusive

Standing Applause for all IdeaPros Pitch's & Delivery

1st Place Winner of June 12th, 2024 SoCal Startup

500 Investors & 100s of Entrepreneurs. IdeaPros takes the Win!

IdeaPros® Partner "Olive & Coop" Celebrated in Palo Alto and on-track raising $100,000's monthly.

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Space is Limited Each Month for PitchCraft Exclusive

Don't Judge Me! But Yes I created this Video to Inspire you and others. I hope you find the courage and inspiration to take this Journey me.

I have raised BILLIONS and built successful companies from scratch, and knows exactly what it takes to make you and your pitch unforgettable

IdeaPros Financing Program

If you are struggling with raising capital to get your idea or business to the next level. Or just need some extra capital to invest in preparing your business stragety, pitch deck and getting in front of investors. Consider our Financing Program that can get you $30,000 - $100,000. Quick & Easy Application a full service team prepared to help entrepreneurs and startups get access to capital.

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